ETS Learn Vocabulary By Pictures

ETS Learn Vocabulary By Pictures 1.6

It is an effective program helping to learn English words using images
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ETS Learn Vocabulary By Pictures is a program to learn new words with the help of images. The student must identify, which of the four images displayed matches to the provided word. The program will ask for animals, appliances, body parts, clothing apparels, colors, garden items, music instruments, numbers, school items, sport items, tools, transportation items and vegetables.

To begin a quiz, select a category. You will then have ten minutes to complete each quiz. The program will show you a word - you need to click on the corresponding image, and press the "Submit" button. You have the possibility of changing your answer before submitting it, if you think, it's incorrect. A synthesized voice will say "Perfect!" if the answer is correct, and "No" if it is wrong. However, these messages can be disabled, if you want. At the end of each quiz, the program will show a report displaying the percentage of correct and wrong answers, and if you passed the test.

You can then review the questions one by one in order to analyze your errors and to find out the right answers. You can also print this report, as well as the results for each question individually.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • It is too basic. It will be helpful just for beginners
  • The English used in the program is not very good
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